N.B.! Lectures for each day can be downloaded as a bundle, or watched online by following the links.


September 1st

Download all talks here.


Introduction to Martini 3 - Paulo C. T. Souza - Watch Slides (PDF)

Novel applications of Martini 3 - Siewert-Jan Marrink - Watch Slides (PDF)

Martini Tools - Tsjerk Wassenaar - Watch Slides (PDF)

 The MArtini Database (MAD) and web server - Luca Monticelli - Watch Slides (PDF)

 The Martini Lipids - Manuel N. Melo - Watch Slides (PDF)


September 2nd

Download all talks here.


Martini 3 Small Molecules - Riccardo Alessandri - Watch Slides (PDF)

Bartender - Raul Mera A. - Watch Slides (PDF)

Protein models in Martini 3 - Sebastian Thallmair - Watch Slides (PDF)

Protein-small molecule binding with Martini 3 - Paulo C. T. Souza - Watch Slides (PDF)

Polymer modeling with Martini 3 - Fabian Grünewald - Watch Slides (PDF)


September 3rd

 Download all talks here.


Titratable Martini - Fabian Grünewald - Watch Slides (PDF)

TS2CG - Weria Pezeshkian - Watch Slides (PDF)

Machine Learning-driven Multiscale Modeling - Helgi I. Ingólfsson - Watch Slides (PDF)

Lipid-protein interactions - Peter Tieleman - Watch Slides (PDF)

ProLint - Besian I. Sejdiu - Watch Slides (PDF)