Analyze lipid fingerprints

The following script, based on work of Corradi et al. [1], is provided for all your lipid fingerprint analysis needs. Special thanks to Amanda Buyan and Helgi Ingólfsson!

Download the script here. Please note that Python 2.7 (or equivalent) is required. For help on how to use it, simply type "python -h"

[1] V. Corradi, E. Mendez-Villuendas, H.I. Ingólfsson, R.X. Gu, I. Siuda, M.N. Melo, A. Moussatova, L.J. DeGagné, B.I. Sejdiu, G. Singh, T.A. Wassenaar, K. Delgado Magnero, S.J. Marrink, D.P. Tieleman. Lipid–Protein Interactions Are Unique Fingerprints for Membrane Proteins. ACS Central Science 4:709–717, 2018