Available Martini polymer topologies are listed below according to their major category. Additional information for each polymer's, other topologies (e.g. Dry Martini, alternative, old), and supporting files can be found on the subpage of each polymer.

If you have developed additional Martini polymer topologies and would like to post them here please contact Siewert J. Marrink This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Additionally, you can use Martini_PolyPly, developed by Fabian Grünewald. The software can be used to generate GROMACS itp files of polymers from a monomer itp-file and generate coordinates of polymer molecules from a complete topology file.




A list of everything which does not really fit in any of the above.


This is an older collection of the polymer related parameters. PEG and PEO, a PEGylated lipid, a G5 PAMAM dendrimer, polystyrene, and P3HT